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Crimefree South Africa wants to reduce crime.

85 violent crimes every hour
150 rape victims every day
65 murders every day
267 robberies every day

The South African government believes that by clamping down on licensed firearms owners it will greatly impact the above figures. Curiously the government has offered no evidence of how any of these crimes will be reduced by expending vast sums (R1.2 Billion) on record keeping of licensed firearms owners. When it is known that there is not a single success anywhere in the world of gun control legislation either reducing crime or the supply of guns to criminals.

In the past 150 years there have been many thousands of laws introduced to reduce crime or the supply of guns to criminals. The list of successes should be long and illustrious if what gun control claims is true. Where is the list? That gun control and government can not draw upon a single success of such legislation sends a very clear message. A message that should be evident to any thinking person; gun control laws do not control criminal guns, nor will the supply of guns to criminals be reduced.

This means that the public will be subjected to even higher levels of crime simply to appease a power crazy government. Government thinking shows no concern for the lives of citizens, women and children that will be raped, murdered and abused.

Guns will not rape, murder or abuse. Criminals and people that have no fear of arrest or prosecution will. The possession of a firearm does not create a sick mind and the removal of a firearm will not cure a sick mind. Concentrating on a tool of crime is a diversionary tactic to remove the spotlight of public indignation at the high levels of crime from the real causes and governments very poor attention to management of those causes.

It is the people who hold the power and the servants of the public that must do their duty. That those with other intentions, those pretending that what they propose will be for the public good or will save lives or children must be exposed, so that crime is actually reduced. The people of South Africa cannot afford to allow the government to play politics with their lives.

If there is the slightest danger that ideological or poor legislation will endanger the lives of the public. Then the public have every right to know of this danger and protest what is inexcusable. That government owes the public an explanation for is actions in endangering the lives of the public and cannot avoid its responsibilities.

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Crimefree South Africa will not support ideological, unaffordable, unreasonable and unenforceable legislation. Legislation that not only brings disrespect for the law but for the government and country as well.

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