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Crime in our beautiful country, South Africa is out of control. Each day everyone of us has to face the very real dangers and risks of attack from criminals. Who seem to operate without fear of the law and small chance of being punished for the crime.
  • Women and children are raped
  • Children are violently or sexually abused
  • People are murdered and assaulted
  • Vehicles are hi-jacked and stolen
  • Banks are robbed
  • People are mugged
  • Houses are burgled

The cost in human trauma and misery is untold. Yet government is more concerned with practising the politics of distraction by promoting new and extremely costly firearms legislation. Currently the government intends to spend more than R1.2 Billion on bureaucracy in keeping a check on licensed firearms and owners. While criminals frolic in freedom laughing as they welcome this legislation, which will make their work-place safer. What more could criminals wish for?

The success in capturing, prosecuting and punishing criminals is dismal. About 74% of all crime in South Africa goes unpunished.

The financial burden of crime is enormous, robbing people of the opportunity of employment, education, and social services.

The cost to the country and therefore the people in lost investment and tourism is a hardship they should not have to bear.

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