Why is crime so high?

Governments record of administration

Minister S. V. Tshwete (Safety and Security) gets up and instead of examining the outrage of concerned citizens, launches an attack. Claiming guilt on the part of citizens for what he himself demonstrably is. The concern of these citizens for the poor performance of the police and criminal justice system is turned in to an attack on the state. The Minister should be sufficiently intelligent to realise that these citizens see what the state has done to the South African Police, allowing crime to flourish, and are not amused by this at all. It is they who have to suffer the ravages of crime. Are murdered raped and robbed while uncaring Ministers have difficulty in sneezing because of the number of body guards around them.

If it is the task of government to control crime, then a high crime rate is the result of government not doing its job. Be this in failed policies, organisation or management of the various arms of law enforcement. We can add the legislature to this list because the making of unreasonable, unenforceable, unimplementable or unaffordable laws will not make the task of crime control any easier. Currently the government is determined to force the fatally flawed and controversial Firearms Control Bill upon the citizens of South Africa.

Without doubt government is attempting to sell the idea that reduction of licenced firearms will solve crime. What is clear it that such measures will not reduce crime but INCREASE crime. As has been the experience of every country in the world that has attempted similar illogical measures. There is not one successful implementation of gun control to reduce either crime or the supply of guns to criminals.

It is not possible that the South African government is unaware of this total failure of gun control as they studied the problem for three years.

Crime control

In South Africa this failure to control crime by the government extends to all arms of enforcement and the legislature.

Governments record of police mismanagement

"The problem with gun law in South Africa is that it is not implemented," says Ms. Adele Kirsten (GFSA). "There is corruption, there is negligence, there is incompetence."

Which raises the question; What is the point of new legislation if existing legislation is not enforced or the need of enforcement seen as of any use in fighting crime by the police and government?

If you are concerned by this then you need to raise your voice and be heard. Sticking your head in the sand will not make it go away. Nor will fences, walls, burglar bars, electric fences and anti-hijacking devices offer any real degree of protection. Crime is a reality we all have to face, some will not live to tell of the experience. Others will be traumatised for life.

Why? It's not the guns but uncaring politicians playing politics with citizens lives.

Crimefree South Africa has every sympathy with the long suffering police and commends those that attempt to do a good job under the terrible circumstances they must work with. However the time has also come for what good remains in the police force to speak out so that the political animals and criminals can be removed. That the corrupt face justice and the incompetent and unqualified demoted to the level they understand best.

It is time government is made to face the reality of its ideological policies and count the cost in human life.

What you can do

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