Criminology is the scientific study of crime. It seeks to find the causes and cures by studying crime and all that influence crime. There often are no simple answers because we come from a diverse range of cultures and beliefs that all to some degree influence crime.

There is always debate on the causes of crime. Many theories exist on the influences of reduced or increased crime rate observations. From capture and punishment to the soundness and form of legislation. From criminal behaviour to the motivation of society. One of the founders of modern criminology, a man with great insight on the control of crime, Cesare Beccaria had some profound words of wisdom. Some of his theories have been embraced by legislation but many have not.

Cesare Beccaria a founder of criminology

Extensive studies have been carried out on the relationship if any of firearms possession and crime.

The case against gun control

In the world today it is amazing how many organisations take on the mantle of criminology and propose solutions to crime. Many without a back ground of criminology, instead they are armed with passion and unfounded beliefs. Exactly what Cesare Beccaria warns against.

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