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What is the South African Firearm Forum

SAFirearmForum arose from a need not covered by the then only firearms interest list "SA-gunners", originally started by Dale Towert. A more focused and dedicated direction in countering the falsehood of gun control was seen by Alex Holmes the SA Firearm Forum list owner and also National Firearms Forum chairman.

With small beginnings at the start of the millennium and much hope that others would see the same need, South African Firearm Forum has grown from strength to strength. Giving motivated people the chance to discuss and act on important issues relating to gun control and crime control.

Dedicated to raising public and government awareness of the fallacy and very real possibility of endangering peoples lives with the results of gun control legislation. The forum members have enjoyed much success in being noticed by the media and political parties. This success needs to be built upon by the contribution of many more people concerned by the crime levels in South Africa. As well as the governments knee jerk reaction of punishing licenced firearms owners for its failure to control crime.

The Firearms Control Bill is a reality all South African citizens will have to face. Be this from increased difficulty in retaining or purchasing firearms or the almost certain increases in crime from a government backed guarantee of a safer criminal workplace. Nobody will be spared. All firearm owners will be adversely affected in vastly increased licensing costs, training, joining of associations, limited numbers of firearms and ammunition and considerably less chance of being issued with a firearm licence. While criminals will enjoy less attention from the police as personnel and huge amounts of TAX (more than R1.2 Billion) are funnelled into gun control. Control that will not place one criminal behind bars or funds that could be better spent on upgrading the under-resourced police.

Concerned people wanting to make a difference and contribute towards obtaining sensible legislation, lower crime levels and a safer environment for all South Africans should join the forum.

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