The responsibility of the public

We get the government we deserve.

Never has there been a truer saying because remaining silent is agreement to what the government prepossess in actions, policy and legislation.

Government does not have your best interest at heart. It will given any opportunity remove your rights in its desire for self preservation and continued rule with increased power. Recently there have been several examples of government intention to test the South African Constitution. The Firearms Control Bill, The Anti-Terrorism Bill and statements of government officials should be enough warning for the public to say and do something about this deplorable desire of government.

You have a responsibility to government to say enough, so far and no further.

You have the vote and ability to instate any government you think best for the task.

It is your responsibility to inform those who do not know of the failings of government, including government. Because without such information government will do as it pleases. What it pleases will not please you.

What can you do

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