Prof. Thomas Gabor

Canadian "Researcher" was paid by the Government

Allan Rock, Canada's Minister of Justice states: "My department has conducted a number of research studies which suggest that regulation of firearms has a positive impact on reducing harms attributed to guns.

More specifically, the Department commissioned Thomas Gabor, a Professor of Criminology at the University of Ottawa, to conduct an exhaustive review of the firearms research literature which illustrates that there is considerable empirical evidence to support regulation of firearms."

Concordia University Professor, Taylor Buckner has dismantled Thomas Gabor's study as politically motivated and in my criticism of it to the Canadian Medical Association Journal, I could find only wishful conjecture on his part leading to a sum of $6 billion dollars as the cost of firearm injuries and deaths to the Canadian community. At the time however he was parading as an independent investigator. We now have an admission by Allan Rock that he was a government paid propagandist for the Justice Department.

Cdn-Firearms Digest V1 #804, Sun, 13 April 1997

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