More guns, less crime - The attacks

Lott study supported in Criminology Journal

Yes, HCI regularly uses selective data, because they are interested, not in truth, but in "proving" their point of view. This has been noted in the Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology, where Professor Marvin Wolfgang, a world-prominent criminologist, reviewed research concerning the use of guns against criminal perpetrators. Prof. Wolfgang concluded that the research which demonstrates the value of carrying a gun for self-protection is methodologically sound and cannot be disputed -- in spite of the fact that he himself does not support easy access to handguns for ordinary citizens.
Roy Wilson

John Lott and David Mustard shook the world of gun control when they released their study showing that more guns = less crime. This study, the largest, covering more data for a longer period of time than any other remains unrefuted. John Lott has released his data to more than 40 universities and organisations. All could with little effort repeat his results. Only three have been critical of his work. Others claimed to be critical have only quoted these three. John Lott has addressed all their concerns in his book "More guns, less crime".

Gun control has spared no effort in trying to disprove and discredit this study.

GFSA and GCA have released several briefs attacking the validity of Professor John Lott and David Mustard's report "Crime, Deterrence, and Right-to-Carry Concealed Handguns" and John Lotts book "More guns, less crime". These briefs refer to works, which attempt to discredit or disprove the survey. GCAs briefs simply repeat the propaganda of USA based gun control organisations and present known erroneous and false data.

This is a collection of comment on the attacks of the survey and pointers to the original publications.

The attacks

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